Review in 2: Science In Sport Whey 20

Welcome to the first Review in 2 post; short, succinct with a smattering of science.

SiS shook the sports nutrition world in early 2016 with the launch of a new take on protein…a gel! Convenient, hitting the right numbers (20g Protein per gel) and most of all tasty!


The gels come in 2 flavours: Lemon and Strawberry. Personally I prefer the lemon as it tastes a little sherbetty but both are filling and easy to get down after or before a session.

I’ve been using the gels mainly before long runs, alongside the traditional espresso with a view to replacing the protein shake that I was using to keep me full, prevent any potential catabolism and encourage some metabolic adaptation/flexibility.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.56.02

This approach is a more contemporary stance on the fasted approach to endurance training and is certainly something I’ll look to post about in the future, as publications and my knowledge continue to grow.

Overall, I’d give the Whey 20 gels an 8/10 – innovative, tasty and convenient but I can see how some people will take a while longer to be swayed from the more traditional shake, especially as there’s no chocolate flavour…yet! Their loss in my opinion!

Give them a go here

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