Review in 2 – FuelIt

FuelIt are a new UK-based company bringing you the best in sports nutrition direct to your door. They also support a number of UK athletes across a range of sports, allowing flexibility that is much less tying than a single brand sponsorship or support. Sports scientists such as Dr Tom Kirk and Jasmine Campbell CISSN... Continue Reading →

Sports Science: A coach’s perspective

In the first of a series of interviews with athletes, coaches and practitioners I sit down with Ben Barwick (@bennyFP). Ben is a coach with Full Potential, a UK based running coaching company, and works with many athletes across the globe - perhaps most notably at the moment he is coach in residence with Men's... Continue Reading →

Review in 2: Precision Hydration

Welcome to the second Review in 2 post; short, succinct with a smattering of science. I've been wanting to review this product(s) for a while now as I've been chatting to Andy and Jonny from UK based company Precision Hydration¬†(@myh2pro)¬†about their individualised and tested approach to hydration over the last month or so. We all... Continue Reading →

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