Review in 2 – FuelIt

FuelIt are a new UK-based company bringing you the best in sports nutrition direct to your door. They also support a number of UK athletes across a range of sports, allowing flexibility that is much less tying than a single brand sponsorship or support. Sports scientists such as Dr Tom Kirk and Jasmine Campbell CISSN (@CampbellJas) also blog for them.

If you use sports nutrition products, and appreciate the option to personalise then this may be right up your street…

FuelIt allow you to order single servings, or small numbers of sports nutrition products in a GrazeBox like style. Pick what you want, tell them how frequently you want it, and they’ll arrive straight to you.

Convenient eh?

This is useful for a number of reasons:

  • It comes to you – no further explanation required
  • You can try before you buy in bulk – we’ve all ordered a box of 12 or 24 gels or bars on a hunch and to our disappointment realised they’re quite frankly, rank. Ordering different products or the same product from different brands allows you to meet your needs without blowing the bank (a standard box is £10)
  • You can automate the service – never run out of what you need, based upon what you like and how frequently you’d like to receive it.
  • There’s a Discovery Box option – the staff are exceptionally helpful and have tried things themselves, drop them a line and ask for an opinion, they’re always happy to help.
  • Introduction to new manufacturers – I had never heard of 32GI, but liked the sound of a low GI based sports nutrition company given the training and racing I was undertaking at the time
  • Low cost compared to bulk buying – most of us can stretch to £10 to try something new, and make an informed decision from then on out. It could save you time, money, upset stomachs and hassle in the future. For a 10% discount see below.

2016-04-02 12.58.02

From my discovery box, I’m going to stick with the 9 and Mule bars, 32GI chews and the OTE drink. I’d tried one of the bars before, but was new to OTE, 32GI and Truestart. It turns out I’m just too much of an espresso snob to opt for Truestart full-time, although I did notice the caffeine hit was more consistent and pronounced than a home brew.

For a 10% discount off your first order use the code RBest10 at checkout; alternatively you can order through this link to support brand ambassadors.

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