Polo & Sports Science: an unlikely pair or a match made in heaven?

I've been wanting to write about Polo for over a year now. I had my first proper taste of it, through a kind introduction from my fiancee, at the Jaeger Le Coultre Gold Cup Final last year. It's the Polo equivalent of the FA Cup final, the Bislett Games or Wembley depending upon which sport... Continue Reading →


Sports Science: a practitioner’s perspective

This week I sat down with Jasmine Campbell¬†(@CampbellJas) formerly of Guru Performance¬†(@GuruPerformance) now flying solo at jasminecampbell.com, and practicing in and around Oxford. Jasmine is undergoing BASES supervised experience, is certified with the ISSN, ISAK accredited and SENr registered. Jasmine and I have known each other for a few years, having met at a BASES... Continue Reading →

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