Professional empathy; it just takes time…

Apologies for not putting pen to internet paper for some time now, it's been a little manic as we are expecting our first son in June and I have been jetsetting to present and research a range of topics. Any way, this post was inspired by a conversation over dinner with an exceptional athlete who... Continue Reading →

Page Turners Part 1

This Christmas break I told myself I'd work through, smash out 500-1000words per day, read 2-3 papers on top of this and still make time for my visiting family, my wife, training and walking the beagle. I'm pleased to say, I embraced the kiwi-down time (genuinely a work policy) and have spent much more time... Continue Reading →

One year in…

Some thoughts on a good year 2017 has been busy, and as is typical of pretty much anyone who decides to pen some thoughts for the internet to enjoy I too feel compelled to look back and reflect. The past 15 months or so have been full of firsts for Alice and me, to name... Continue Reading →

Japan: Kobe, Tokyo and ICEE

Recently, I visited Japan for the first time. I was there to present some of my/ our PhD work on menthol at the International Conference for Environmental Ergonomics, and meet with staff from Teikyo university to discuss collaborating with them to develop their Ekiden running programme. First things first some tips for the traveller: Starbucks... Continue Reading →

Swimming, Science and Supplementation

This post briefly reflects on my time working with Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club, what we did and what we achieved. I was introduced to the club through now great friend, and rather accomplished athlete, Aimee Willmott (check out her website and accomplishments). Working with her and her coach, Lisa Bates, both now down at the London... Continue Reading →

Antipodean Adventures

If you didn't know already, I've moved to New Zealand; more specifically to Hamilton for a position at WINTEC alongside a great team. I've been encouraged to write this post my new boss and our Centre Director Greg Smith (check out his article on head injury, rugby and his playing career), this blog will be... Continue Reading →

Both Sides of the Fence: An Insider’s view of Sports Science

In this instalment of the series of posts on sports science perspectives I sit down with Phil Hurst, of Canterbury Christ Church University, and owner of some impressive personal bests on the track to discuss his opinions from both sides of the fence. Phil is studying attitudes towards supplementation and the placebo effect; recently his... Continue Reading →

Papers that’ve inspired my practice

I think everyone who's anyone or aspiring to be could write this post, and what's great about this as a subject is that everyone's efforts would be different. In this post I hope to reflect on a few articles that I've read over the years that have either inspired me to act, write or think.... Continue Reading →

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