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The following section contains links to articles that have appeared either in the press, or academic publications and works


The Times

Does a Vegan Diet Harm your Fitness? – quoted

The eat anything you like diet – quoted


Menthol freshness could let athletes push harder


Run Mummy Run – contributing nutritionist

Academic works


The Development of a Menthol Solution for Use during Sport and Exercise

Conference Papers

Contribution of planned and unplanned training to overall load in elite youth female football players

Food Choice Motives in Student Athletes in the North East of England

Menthol Mouth Rinsing evokes Mixed Responses in Trained Runners

Subjective preferences of varying menthol mouthwash concentrations

The interaction of physiological and psychological measures in response to nutritional support provided throughout the course of a 100mile ultramarathon attempt


Taking the Leap into the Unknown World of BASES Supervised Experience

Reviews & Meta-Analyses

Menthol: A Fresh Ergogenic Aid for Athletic Performance

Topical and Ingested Cooling Methodologies for Endurance Exercise Performance in the Heat


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