Antipodean Adventures

If you didn't know already, I've moved to New Zealand; more specifically to Hamilton for a position at WINTEC alongside a great team. I've been encouraged to write this post my new boss and our Centre Director Greg Smith (check out his article on head injury, rugby and his playing career), this blog will be... Continue Reading →


Review in 2: Healthspan Elite Kick-Start Gum

Healthspan Elite Kick-Start Gum is a caffeinated chewing gum that is batch tested, combining a novel delivery method with the reassurance of a tested product. I was interested in this product for a number of reasons: Firstly, Healthspan are a well recognised and respected supplement company that over the last two years have branched into sports... Continue Reading →

Both Sides of the Fence: An Insider’s view of Sports Science

In this instalment of the series of posts on sports science perspectives I sit down with Phil Hurst, of Canterbury Christ Church University, and owner of some impressive personal bests on the track to discuss his opinions from both sides of the fence. Phil is studying attitudes towards supplementation and the placebo effect; recently his... Continue Reading →

Papers that’ve inspired my practice

I think everyone who's anyone or aspiring to be could write this post, and what's great about this as a subject is that everyone's efforts would be different. In this post I hope to reflect on a few articles that I've read over the years that have either inspired me to act, write or think.... Continue Reading →

Polo & Sports Science: an unlikely pair or a match made in heaven?

For a recent presentation delivered on this topic please click here for slides, and here for a video of the session. I've been wanting to write about Polo for over a year now. I had my first proper taste of it, through a kind introduction from my fiancee, at the Jaeger Le Coultre Gold Cup... Continue Reading →

Sports Science: a practitioner’s perspective

This week I sat down with Jasmine Campbell (@CampbellJas) formerly of Guru Performance (@GuruPerformance) now flying solo at, and practicing in and around Oxford. Jasmine is undergoing BASES supervised experience, is certified with the ISSN, ISAK accredited and SENr registered. Jasmine and I have known each other for a few years, having met at a BASES... Continue Reading →

Review in 2 – FuelIt

FuelIt are a new UK-based company bringing you the best in sports nutrition direct to your door. They also support a number of UK athletes across a range of sports, allowing flexibility that is much less tying than a single brand sponsorship or support. Sports scientists such as Dr Tom Kirk and Jasmine Campbell CISSN... Continue Reading →

Sports Science: A coach’s perspective

In the first of a series of interviews with athletes, coaches and practitioners I sit down with Ben Barwick (@bennyFP). Ben is a coach with Full Potential, a UK based running coaching company, and works with many athletes across the globe - perhaps most notably at the moment he is coach in residence with Men's... Continue Reading →

Review in 2: Precision Hydration

Welcome to the second Review in 2 post; short, succinct with a smattering of science. I've been wanting to review this product(s) for a while now as I've been chatting to Andy and Jonny from UK based company Precision Hydration (@myh2pro) about their individualised and tested approach to hydration over the last month or so. We all... Continue Reading →

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