Sports Science: a practitioner’s perspective

This week I sat down with Jasmine Campbell (@CampbellJas) formerly of Guru Performance (@GuruPerformance) now flying solo at, and practicing in and around Oxford. Jasmine is undergoing BASES supervised experience, is certified with the ISSN, ISAK accredited and SENr registered. Jasmine and I have known each other for a few years, having met at a BASES … Continue reading Sports Science: a practitioner’s perspective

Review in 2 – FuelIt

FuelIt are a new UK-based company bringing you the best in sports nutrition direct to your door. They also support a number of UK athletes across a range of sports, allowing flexibility that is much less tying than a single brand sponsorship or support. Sports scientists such as Dr Tom Kirk and Jasmine Campbell CISSN … Continue reading Review in 2 – FuelIt