Review in 2: Science In Sport Whey 20

Welcome to the first Review in 2 post; short, succinct with a smattering of science. SiS shook the sports nutrition world in early 2016 with the launch of a new take on protein...a gel! Convenient, hitting the right numbers (20g Protein per gel) and most of all tasty! The gels come in 2 flavours: Lemon... Continue Reading →


‘The Power of One’ or the value of Case Studies Part 2

Now then, back to it. We left off having begun to discuss, in my opinion, the values of case studies. In part 2 we conclude the post highlighting some theoretical principles and a summary of lessons learned so far and future aspirations, in what is I admit a very green career!   Control, or lack... Continue Reading →

‘The Power of One’ or The Value of Case Studies Part 1

I've finally succumbed and got round to writing a blog. Previously I'd not thought myself wise, interesting or opinionated enough to warrant jotting anything down, but some recent events, work with athletes and chats with colleagues really got me thinking. I'm passionate about sports science, but I'm perhaps most passionate about how 'we' communicate practice... Continue Reading →

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